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One must be pedantic when investing in ICOs. While there are not that many pure scams, there are even more crappy ICOs that will never get their product done or hit crypto exchange. One should be careful not to give his money to such project. There are several indicators how to spot of fraudulent ICO or otherwise poor ICOs.

1. No Smart Contact.

Yes. I have seen set ups that call themselves an ICO, but have no smart contract. They are either poorly made scams or just terrible business people and you should avoid them. Some ICOs claim to have smart contract, but are not willing to show it to the public. You should treat them as if they don’t have it.

2. Anonymous project.

If you want to scam people, best way to do it is by hiding your identity. Therefore you should never trust a project that does not display it’s team members, company information nor physical address. No matter how good the project seems, there is a reason why they are hiding their identity.

3. Zero in raised funds.

No raised funds is the clearest sign that ICO is not going to make it. Don’t be the first (and only) idiot to invest in a bad ICO. Some ICOs try to hide it by displaying false information on their website, therefore always check Etherscan, or ask for proof of investments.

4. No public discussion channel.

Be suspicious if there is no place discuss openly about the project. Sadly many ICOs have switched from Telegram group into Telegram channel. If an ICO uses one-way communication platforms it usually means that they don’t want other people to see negative feedback that they receive.

5. Raising too much money.

Honest ICOs will ask for the amount of money they actually need to develop their product. Usually it’s between $5M and $20M. But there are some ICOs that have their hard cap set at $100M or even higher. These ICOs obviously just want to raise as much money as possible, and it makes you wonder: Where will that money go?

6. Too complicated or incoherent plan.

While it does not always mean that ICO is bad (maybe you just didn’t understand it), usually it’s a sign that team is not professional enough or that they are just forcing blockchain in their business, when in reality it does not fit there.

7. Team members have no social media profiles.

If no one, or only one member of the team has linked his social media profile it makes you wonder are those people real.

8. Homogenous team.

While this is not always a red flag, I’m usually skeptical if all team members are of the same decent (e.g. Chinese or Russian). While I understand that teams usually live in the same place and therefore have same nationality, they should at least hire advisors that are from different country.

If you like investing in crypto ICOs, don’t get your hopes up with this Pro Income system. It might look like a good ICO at first glance, but rest assured that it is anything but real, legit, or profitable. We are here today doing a Pro Income scam review to give you all of the details about this dirty cryptocurrency ICO scam.

Pro Income Program – Unclear Roadmap One thing that really sticks out about this initial coin offering is that it presents absolutely no clear goals for the future. If we are expected to invest any amount of money in any ICO, we need to know exactly what is going on. What are the goals for the future? What does the roadmap look like? What exactly is the business structure, the methodology, and everything else? We need to know what is going on here. However, the Pro Income ICO fails to inform us of any of these things. The website has no roadmap to speak of, it does not come with a clear whitepaper, or anything else that matters. All that we know here is that we are supposed to invest a bunch of money. Through automated trading, we are supposed to make that money back. This is not nearly good enough to gain our trust, not a single bit. It is clear that this a really shoddy project that was hastily put together. It is a scam meant to steal money from people, so obviously these crooks don’t care about putting together a good white paper.
Pro Income ICO – Anonymous Something else that we know about this Pro Income scam ICO, or actually what we don’t know, is who is in charge here. There is not a single place on the website where we are informed of who the leadership team consists of. We don’t know who the CEO, CMO, CFO, or anybody else of importance is. This is a really big issue for us, one that we honestly just cannot get past. History always repeats itself, and as the past shows, anonymous crypto trading and investments programs are not to be trusted. Think about it, if the Pro Income system were real, the people behind it would love to get attention and make their names known across the world. There is only one reason why these guys are choosing to stay hidden in a shroud of anonymity. It is because this cryptocurrency initial coin offering is designed specifically to steal money from people. This is a fraudulent cryptocurrency ICO and automated trading system, so the people behind it don’t want to get caught.
Pro Income INC – Non-Existent The next indication that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the business itself, mainly its actual existence. On the website, we are shown an incorporation document from UK, one that looks real enough. However, upon further inspection, and with lots of digging around, we managed to find the truth. This Pro Income INC business is not actually real. It has no physical location to speak of, the owners are nowhere to be found, and the documents shown on the website are fakes. Yes, that is right, this business does not actually exist. This is nothing more than a fake front, a way to get at your money, not unlike a fake little restaurant money laundering operation. These guys are criminals and the business name is just for show.
Pro Income ICO Scam – Unlicensed We also know for a fact that the Pro Income ICO system is totally unlicensed. You see, taking investments from people, promising massive returns, and reinvesting that money are not just things you can wake up and decide to do one day. There are lots of legalities and regulations involved here. A company like the Pro Income INC ICO needs to be real and licensed in order to perform these financial activities within the boundaries of the law. Well, licensing agencies are extremely picky about who they afford licenses to, especially when it comes to this kind of thing. A company needs to be real, reliable, transparent, and have proof to back up its claims. Seeing as the Pro Income system does not qualify for any of those descriptors, you can be sure that it is not licensed. Folks, there is no trading actually going on here, and no investments either, per say. This is just a way for these crooks to steal your money. The Pro Income system is not a real business, not a real trading app, and you will definitely never make a profit with it.
Pro Income Scam ICO – Unrealistic Profits Ok, we really do not want to get too far into it here, because it is really not worth it. However, we do need to say that you will never make any amount of money with the Pro Income app. They promise that you can make something like 5000% in returns in just 2 days. In other words, they claim that you can multiply your investment 50 times in just 48 hours. Hmm, well, do you really think that is possible? Just take a minute to think about it and we are sure that you will come to the right conclusion. Just in case you do not feel like putting your thinking cap on today, no, it is not possible, not in the least, no matter what galaxy you live in!
Pre Income System – Ponzi Scheme! People, the Pro Income ICO is a Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme. It has all of the features of a classic Ponzi scheme and they don’t even try to hide it. They promise big returns on small investments, but never actually provide you with any money. No returns ever materialize. At the same time, these criminals promise affiliate bonuses if you get other people to sign up. While this is not illegal, not giving people the promised affiliate commissions is definitely illegal. Nobody has ever gotten a so called affiliate bonus yet, which is solid proof that the Pro Income program is indeed a scam.

Scammers are good students of human psychology and know that you love making profits. To “satisfy” your natural greed they create coins whose value appreciates daily knowing they will have disciples. Genuine coins are subject to forces of supply and demand to determine if, how and when their value appreciates or depreciates.


The Pro Income ICO is still a scam and we hope that you will stay away from it!



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